Ranplan first day of trading

Nasdaq First North Stockholm

Anticipated first day of trading is around 28 June 2018

Ranplan in brief and rationale for the Offering

Ranplan is a software company operating in planning, simulation and optimization of telecom networks. Today, 80 percent of all mobile traffic is generated within buildings, while only 2 percent of all commercial buildings have dedicated wireless indoor networks. This leads to inadequate connections (which are expected to increase due to the introduction of 5G), which in turn leads to dissatisfied mobile users. In order to solve this problem, Ranplan has developed a software program at the outermost edge of technology, through which Ranplan's customers save both money and receive satisfied end customers. Today, the Company is the only company in the market capable of offering a software tool that can plan indoor and outdoor environments in coordination while providing the most accurate prediction models. Therefore, Ranplan has a unique position in its market segment. 2018 has begun well with almost a doubling of revenues compared to the corresponding quarter of 2017.

The Company has recently entered into agreements with companies such as Huawei, TEOCO and Ericsson and has received Verizon approval to allow Verizon subcontractors to use the Ranplan suite of tools. In order to capitalize on the Company's favorable market position, Ranplan now plans to raise SEK 62 million, of which the entire amount is guaranteed. The raised capital will predominately be used for sales and marketing but also for product development and strengthening the Company's balance sheet. Ranplan has chosen First North in Stockholm mainly as a result of the strong technical knowledge and capital adequacy of the Swedish market, Nasdaq's global brand. This is of significant importance to Ranplan's customers and partners because a significant part of the Company's operations are expected to be conducted on the North American and Asian continents, and consequently a listing on such a market makes it attractive for raising liquidity.

Experience and knowledge creating long-term value