November 1, 2022
Sprint Bioscience drug program attracts international partners

Sprint Bioscience drug program attracts international partners

International Pharmaceuticals companies are showing increasing interest in Sprint Bioscience, which now aims to go from three out-licensed drug programs to six. The company is conducting in-depth dialogues around two programs concerning cancer treatment, with the VADA program being the one that has progressed the furthest in discussions with potential partners. The agreements surrounding the company’s three out-licensed programs have a total value of USD 747 million, and in addition, significant royalties may accrue on marketed products. The continued build-up of out-licensed pharmaceutical programs in Sprint Bioscience’s portfolio takes the company further toward the goal of becoming a profitable growth company.

“Sprint Bioscience has a strong track record when it comes to out-licensinghigh-quality and ground-breaking drug programs. We are now working intensively on the development of the three internal programs. A capital raise through the upcoming rights issue of units will enable further development of the internal programs towards license agreements, with focus on the VADA and DISA programs. We are currently in initiated discussions with several potential licensees, and of course, hope that all shareholders can participate in the righs issue of units” says Sprint Bioscience CEO, Erik Kinnman.

Subscription period 1 - 15 November

Terms in summary

Issue volume: SEK 29,9 million

Subscription price: SEK 0,75 per unit consisting of 1 share and 1 free warrant

Subscription period: 1-15 November 2022

Subscription-and guarantee commitments corresponding to 75%

For full terms and conditions, please see the prospectus

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