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Our expertise within our focus sectors together with our experience and knowledge of the capital market makes Naventus ideal to act as the link between our clients and investors.

Through our Equity Research service, we ensure a continuous flow of information to support our clients and their share value long-term. The analyses are composed to meet the interests of all investors, regardless of previous knowledge and experience. The purpose of the analyses is to facilitate access to growth capital for the companies, to enable a greater reach towards the capital markets and its investors, decrease ambiguity which can result in unreasonable changes of the share price, increase the shareholder base, improve the shares liquidity as well as procure and preserve investor knowledge and interest.

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Completed analyses

Naventus publishes updated analysis of Insplorion after Q1-2022 report
Naventus publishes updated analysis of Insplorion after Q1-2022 report
May 25, 2022

With low news flow through turbulent macro due to increased interest rates, inflation and Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Insplorion has traded down by 43.7% this year. Given last year's operational performance with multiple studies demonstrating Insplorion's sensor technology, we believe the company has the potential to show higher activity for the remainder of the year. During Q1 2022, Insplorion signed an agreement for a further customer-funded industrial pilot project, with an order value of SEK 250,000. We make some adjustments after the Q1 2022 report in light of the macro environment and adjust the fair value range to SEK 17-30 (19-34) per share. In the long term, we still see the case intact and with increased activity in hydrogen and battery sensors, we see continued opportunity for licensing agreements between 2023 - 2025 for Insplorion.

Naventus publishes an updated analysis of Insplorion
Naventus publishes an updated analysis of Insplorion
March 1, 2022

Naventus is publishing an updated analysis of Insplorion, following the company’s release of its 2021 Q4 report. Insplorion is a company that operates within advanced sensor technologies with multiple fields of application for EVs (Electric Vehicles) and within hydrogen markets.

Naventus initiates coverage of Insplorion
Naventus initiates coverage of Insplorion
November 18, 2021

Naventus initiates coverage of Insplorion, a company in advanced sensor technology with multiple application areas for the EV (Electric Vehicle) and hydrogen markets.

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